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2019-07-30Washing and disinfecting method for clothes of different fabrics

Different fabrics are different in washing methods. First, you should look at the instructions on the clothing, and then select the appropriate washing method based on the fabric and characteristics of the garment.

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2019-07-256 sterilization and sterilization of clothes, start a safe and beautiful life

The weather is hot, it is the season of bacterial growth. The sterilization of clothes has always been a concern of people. Clothes are similar to the second layer of skin of human beings. They are in close contact with the skin. If the correct sterilization and dust removal are not done, It can cause itchy skin and allergies.

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2019-07-20Washing clothes is not difficult, sterilization is more important

Most of the cleaning work is aimed at removing stains. Whether it is washing clothes or washing sheets, as long as the surface is clean, we take it for granted that it is completely clean. In fact, bacteria that are invisible to the clothes are the killers of health hazards.

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2019-07-15The laundry disinfectant works best in water at 40 ° C, but how often do you know it?

The laundry disinfectant works best in water at 40 ° C, but how often do you know it?

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2019-07-08What are the main methods of disinfecting clothes?

Generally, the clothes that the baby wants to wear need to be disinfected, because it can prevent the baby's skin from being harmed; and some people with skin diseases need to be disinfected frequently to avoid secondary infection. It is our normal person, the new clothes that are usually purchased, especially the underwear, should be disinfected before wearing. So, how to disinfect clothes?

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2019-07-03Is it necessary to use laundry disinfectant? How to use it to be healthy?

The relationship between bacteria and humans is interdependent and essential for human digestion and immune function. There is no absolute sterile environment in daily life. Humans and bacteria coexist for a long time, and only a small number of pathogenic bacteria are harmful to the human body, such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., which need to be removed with a disinfectant.

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