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Clothes dryer use precautions

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 Dryer is the main equipment for drying wet materials. Under normal circumstances, heat transfer is required through high temperature to reduce the water content in the material. However, because of the high temperature, the dryer is generally a safety hazard. What are the main safety hazards to be noticed by the dryer, and at the same time have a certain understanding of the hazards caused by the safety hazards of the dryer, hoping to help everyone better use the dryer!

Security Hazard 1: Host Installation
Usually, the dryer adopts a installation method with a high fire end and a low fire end. This installation method will largely lead to the speed at which the material to be dried flows to the far fire end, and then the drying in the drum. If the material storage capacity is low, a large amount of heat energy will be wasted, and the utilization efficiency of the dryer drum space will be affected.

Safety hazard 2: inlet temperature
In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the dryer during the drying process of the dryer, the temperature at the inlet end is generally increased, and although the temperature is increased, the drying efficiency can be accelerated, and the color of the dried material is blackened, which will affect the drying. The quality of the material.

Safety hazard 3: drum running speed
In the operation of the dryer, if the speed of the drying material flowing to the outlet direction is reduced by reducing the speed of the drum, the number of dynamic contact between the drying material and the hot air is also reduced. At this time, in order to increase the efficiency of the dryer, the drum and the diameter must be increased, which causes the equipment to be oversized and the heat energy is lost.

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